Ministries at CCjaxNC Calvary Church | Jacksonville, NC

CCjaxNC College/Career

When balancing the demands of college and career life against the limited time available to them, the early 20’s is where our focus can change, our “bandwidth” gets thin, and we begin to decide what to keep and what to leave behind. For many, their faith is the first thing to go.

It’s usually not an intentional break, but rather a slow process brought about by the lack of community with other believers. Fellowship was much easier to come by in high school, surrounded by friends with whom you’ve grown up. Now, faced with new ideas, strong influences, and a diverse community, many college students and young professionals tend to drift in their faith until it fades to “just a phase” from their youth.

And that’s why there’s College + Career at CCjaxNC. It’s here, together, that college students and young professionals can plug in and find a community of support and friendship. Our goal is to create and equip believers ages 18-29 to know and understand God’s Word and provide a home for fellowship and community.